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Lowongan Yard Maintenance Manager PT. McDERMOTT INDONESIA


The biggest offshore fabricator in Indonesia and one of the largest offshore construction companies in the world requires proficient, efficient, and highly motivated individuals for the following positions:


Essentials job duties:

  • To lead Mechanical Maintenance team and Electrical Maintenance team for Planning and executing the Maintenance of Fabrication Yard equipment and Machinery (Hydraulic Cranes, Crawler cranes, Traveling cranes, Tower cranes, Generator sets, Compressors, A/C Welding sets, Diesel Welding sets, Electrical equipments & Hand tools, Prime Movers, Trailers, Fork-lifts, Hiap Lorries, Excavators, Dozers, Graders, Hydraulics Press, Pipe Bending machines, Plate bending rolls, Profile Bending machines, Pumps, Motor vehicles, etc) and Yard facilities (Buildings).
  • To make cost estimate of the Maintenance works, to keep track of the expenditures and to effectively control the maintenance works within the allocated budget for every year.
  • To identify the Certification requirements of the Fabrication Yard facilities (Equipment, Tools, Systems) from third party and from Local Government Authority and to follow up for certification and renewal.
  • To ensure that adequate inventories of spare parts are maintained.
  • To provide regular reports on the status of equipment & machinery of the yard and the maintenance undertaken.
  • To ensure that all maintenance work is undertaken in accordance with relevant Safety and Quality requirements.
  • To ensure that all training requirements are identified and implemented.
  • To liaise with production personnel to ensure availability of equipment for maintenance.


  • A Diploma or Degree in Engineering with 15 years of experience in the relevant field.
  • Successful track record in managing and direct a large group of maintenance mechanics.
  • Ability to set up and manage preventative maintenance program, and to work with manufacturers and procurement to research and order parts, etc.
  • Proven budget forecasting, control, and management.

If your vision of a work environment includes the challenges which can lead to personal growth, respect for ideas, and colleagues who rank with the best, then please send your application and resume in English, quoting job code, with copy of qualification certificates and recent photograph (4×6 cm) no later than Sunday, February 10, 2008 to:

Human Resources Department
PT. McDermott Indonesia
Jl. Bawal – Batu Ampar, Batam Island – Indonesia

Or e-mail to: hrd.batam@mcdermott.com



  1. I’m Interested at u’r company sending my resume, please looking my resume or call me 0813724844879 (BINSAR FREDDY). Thanks very much sir or madam.

  2. ok

    nama saya wahyudi,ini saya mau tanya?
    kan project sutu vang akan off shore ke kuba,yang ingin saya tanyakan adalah;
    apa PT MC DERMOTT butuh karyawan untuk di berangkat kan ke kuba?
    itu saja yang ingin saya tanyakan.
    untuk perhatianya saya ucapkan terima kasih.

  4. Saya Saiful Isnandar, 25 th
    saya lululan S1 Tekhnik Informatika, Tunas Bangsa – Bandar Lampung
    dengan IPK 3,40
    jika berkenan silahkan hubungi saya dinomor HP
    0856 6979 1821
    atas perhatiannya saya ucapkan terimakasih

  5. I’m Interested at u’r company sending my resume, please looking my resume or call me 085264746482(HAYSS NOVA,ST). Thanks very much sir or madam.

  6. I’m Interested at u’r company sending my resume, please looking my resume or call me 085624012142 (Ade Irawan,Amd.kom). Thanks very much sir or madam.

  7. I’m surprises with your job description, cause that what I’ve been done in my company day by day up to now.
    I’ve been work for my company since 1992, starting as Electrical Maintenance, then Chief of Maintenance, then Assistance Manager of Maintenance, and now I become of Yard Maintenance Manager ( Production Support Manager). Check my profile on Friendster.

  8. In Past time, Nice to meet McDermott Indonesia Company. Approximately, 1 weeks ago McDermott Indonesia Inc came to USU. Thank you MCDermott. After I see McDermott’s roadshow, I think McDermott is My Favourite company. I’m from Civil Engineering USU. My GPA is 3.5. I think you can see my profile in My private data on roadshow in USU. I’m interested at your company and can I join with McDermott Inc later? Maybe, next month i will have finished my study in USU. I also as assistance of soil mechanic laboratory. Please contact me (085278844390) (0617881358) (076120720)

  9. saya wahyu saya karyawan mcdermott posisi saya rigger untuk di offshore tapi sudah 3 tahun saya belum berangkat saya mohon perusahaan yang bersangkutan memanggil saya contact me (021-92967346) thank’s

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